Our Work

Coming together to nurture our neighborhoods and wildlife

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

- Anne Frank -

In our neighborhoods

CAW addresses the needs of areas in Charlotte that are underserved and under-represented in biodiversity and conservation initiatives. By accessing these areas of need, we provide residents with the tools and training to create healthy habitats for their families and wildlife.


Creating wildlife habitats is good for people


If CAW sounds like an organization you too will find a pleasure in being a part of, please join us in making a difference for people and wildlife.

Angel Hjarding's Butterfly Highway

What people are saying about us

"My experience with the Butterfly Highway Project sparked an interest in learning more about how pollinators as well as other wildlife directly impact the quality of life for my family and community. And, what I have discovered so far is that the quality of life for humankind is linked to the health of our wildlife. I view CAW as a way to enhance our community with opportunities to educate and share the benefits of a healthy environment." 

- William H. -

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Chapter of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation


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