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Orchard and Pollinator Garden for Website

Creating Healthy Habitats for

West End Communities and Wildlife

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working together is success. 

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By Sala Faruq | July 27, 2019


The Friendship Sportsplex is located at 2310 Cindy Lane, Charlotte, NC 28216. Along with two ball fields, picnic area, and playground, it is the home of the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Edible Landscape and Fruit Tree Orchard (Friendship Orchard) and the Community Alliance for Wildlife Pollinator Garden (CAW Pollinator Garden).


The Friendship Orchard
The Friendship Orchard is the brainchild of Reggie Singleton, Health Policy Coordinator with Mecklenburg County Public Health. He was inspired by a sojourn to Ghana, West Africa, in December 2010. . .

NJI Impact of Slavery Article Image 1

The Shaping of the African-American Nature Narrative Series Part I: The Impact of Slavery

Black people have a complicated relationship with America. For us it’s painful love. It has an old history filled with slavery and Jim Crow, so to love America requires a lot more of us.       

Dr. Blair Kelley, quoted in Touré, Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?


By Sala Faruq | October 21, 2019


The first enslaved Africans were brought to the then-colony of Virginia four hundred years ago this year. Since August 20, 1619, Africans and their descendants have been an integral part of America’s nature narrative. Yet, our collective past is dismissed, devalued, erased, or simply unknown . . .